Heliolatry  HopeB4Hearing[1]

“Inspire with your Masterpiece Message and enjoy Financial Freedom.”

The color purple is not only one of my favorite colors, it has a new meaning in my life’s adventure.

As an innovative, self-motivated person, I envision a workplace where customer service is a key feature as well as responsibility, flexibility, productivity and creative approaches to increase revenue to benefit the company, the clients and the employees.


  • Established and directed a diverse multifaceted community arts organization
  • Designed and implemented art and music activities for community involvement
  • Integrated, adapted, demonstrated ability to motivate, encourage, instruct
  • Managed, performed, composed, recorded, produced 7 cds with musicians
  • Illustrated, edited, published five picture books and one collection of essays
  • Organized and curated local artist exhibits for private gallery space
  • Ordered and maintained inventory for ceramic pottery studio
  • Scheduled and hosted birthday parties and community recreation activities
  • Hired and trained employees in customer service and beverage preparation
  • Researched and developed innovative beverage and bakery business division
  • Budgeted sales and revenues of organization to assure financial stability
  • Created and promoted innovative advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Redeveloped an eCommerce website to sell musical instruments and associated products
  • Developed internet blog sites to promote creativity, social responsibility and business innovation
Here I am embracing the trend of “granny hair” — or as it is alternately termed — accepting the aging process, including grey hair — getting ahead of the days of silver.

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An inspirational site wouldn’t be complete without the customary arms stretched out and up snapshot . . . This photo was taken in the midst of the winter season.

Martha L. Pineno — “mARTi”

reative Coaching Company


Ignite – Boost – Magnify – Thrive


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