What Do you DO?

The question, “What do you do?” is asked within moments after people meet for the first time.

When I founded and worked in my art/music studio (1992 – 2011) and coffeehouse (2007 – 2011), customers entered and look amazed. They discovered that I created most of what they saw, touched, heard, drank, ate. They commented, “Wow, you do everything!” My response: “Thank-you, but not really. I don’t dance.” “Well, I got rhythm, but I don’t dance.”   It’s not to say that I couldn’t or wouldn’t dance – it’s simply that I had reached my maximum level of activities and responsibilities – in business and life at that time.

My responses are different now that life has taken me down a different path (road block, pot hole, bridge out, man-made destruction). For over two years, everything seemed unattainable.   WAIT!   My long-time career may have been purposefully destroyed, yet nowThe sky’s the limit – actually LIMITLESS.

I may not be on “top of the world”, yet I am finally on solid ground. I see things differently.
I changed my perspective and the outcome improved. Everything has to do with a new perspective.

No longer do I make a difference from the OUTside – in.
Now, I make a difference from the INSIDE – out.

How do YOU answer the question, “What do you do?”

What is your purpose each day?

Martha “mARTi”  Pineno

Creative Coaching Company

Ignite – Boost – Magnify – Thrive


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