Are you looking for inspiration?  

My intention is to inspire you to inquire and imagine ways to become purposeful and powerful for yourself as well as enhance relationships with other people. I intend to assist you in a discovery process by which you will break through inner barriers. You will learn ways to manifest your greatness to ultimately influence the world while increasing your earning capacity though your unique creativity.

You will discover and identify your unnoticed, unappreciated, yet one-of-a-kind talents to provide a sense of well-being and accomplishment.   You will explore and expand your ability to increase a sense of joy and satisfaction in your life. I will facilitate the implementation of new adventures in your participation in the self-improvement program through the use of the elements of art, music and writing. You will explore your creativity though multiple senses with a series of guided programs.

Creative Coaching also provides creative methods to stimulate sales and increase revenue by brainstorming ideas to expand and develop current or new products and packaging. You will learn alternative ways to communicate with employees, staff and suppliers to increase productivity and profits. You will also discover and implement new marketing and media methods to increase business profits by at least 2X or higher.

Martha L. Pineno – Creative Coach

“Inspire with the Masterpiece Message and enjoy financial freedom”

Creative Coaching
stimulates creative producing thinking so you can:

  • Launch a creative based business when you don’t know where to begin
  • Expand your business with traditional and online marketing
  • Implement your online presence with social media, website, blog
  • Develop a brand, marketing message, and niche in your chosen market
  • Assist your  business to be more profitable, branded, recognized by media
  • Discover creative ways to improve your productivity and profits by at least 2x

We as creative souls tend to work alone to formulate our ideas and craft.  Sometimes our ideas flow so fast we can barely capture everything that pops in our head.  A journal or sketchbook can assist to be certain clever creative thoughts don’t slip away.   You are in the right place if you have been searching for a place, a like-minded creative community.  Here is a list of 100 Creative Connections.  You will receive an email of 10 creative connections at a time.


Creative Coaching Company


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