Brain Bridge Boost

Sometimes I’m amazed how fluid my thoughts are for spontaneous ideas.   Before the hostile takeover of my home/businesses, I woke up every day with some solution or new concept to implement in my wonderful work establishment.   A year after my forced evacuation, finally gained the momentum to reconnect with the creative part of my mind.    My brain was bombed … More Brain Bridge Boost

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the application of creativity to give rise to a new concept, product, service or process delivering something new and better to the world. When we innovate, we work with the creative ideas we have developed and put them into practice. Innovation is NOT just about making new gadgets and fancy widgets. We can … More What is Innovation?

Creativity vs Innovation

Innovation relies on creativity. You can not innovate without first developing some ideas.  Creativity is the source of innovation.  If we do not use our creativity to develop a range of ideas and potential solutions, we can not select the most promising ideas and put them into practice.  Every improvement at work starts with an … More Creativity vs Innovation

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the capacity within individuals to develop ideas for the purpose of solving problems and exploiting opportunities.  It is important to define creativity because it can mean a lot of different things to different people. Creativity is not art, it is not design and it most certainly is not the sole preserve of tortured … More What is Creativity?

Discover by Design

This summer I did a “reboot” for my brain.   My mind had been bombarded for years with poison darts and digs to my spirit. Now, my brain has been boosted.     Many people fit in the box. Some people feel boxed-in. A few people think outside-the-box. I think about boxes. I build boxes. I just … More Discover by Design

Fostering Creativity #2

Promoting intrinsic motivation and problem solving are two areas where educators can foster creativity in students. Students are more creative when they see a task as intrinsically motivating, valued for its own sake. To promote creative thinking, educators need to identify what motivates their students and structure teaching around it. Providing students with a choice … More Fostering Creativity #2