Launch Your Life Legacy

You are about to discover a process that will guide you to the life you are meant to live . . .

No matter what obstacles have been in your past or what is now holding you back, the vital way to transform your mindset and breakthrough the barrier in your path is just ONE CLICK away.

This process can lead to such a transformation; you may wake up each morning feeling an intense purpose and power.

If you are not ready to create the most amazing authentic life of joy, peace and success – that’s alright.

Yet . . .

Imagine starting your day with the knowledge of exactly what to do with an unmistakable sense of purpose.

Maybe you’re thinking – “Gee-whiz, how can I find the time for a process, when I have enough trouble just getting through one day?”

Or worse. “Is this going to have a test?”

I assure you, there are NO tests, papers to write, or speeches to prepare . . . Perhaps you are afraid you will have to commit to years worth of training. Well, there’s no magic potion or twitch of the nose, to make your life the incredible, magnificent experience it has the potential to become, but I would like you to consider this:

Imagine the birthday wish you make as you blow out the candles each year. Is there something you’d wish for that needs changed?

If you could choose to do anything you wanted to do, what would that be?

How much free time do you want? How much money would make you happy?   Have you envisioned starting a business? “Oh, so many questions,” you say, “This is overwhelming!”

I want to understand your predicament and pain and wonder how would your life could be different if you had no fear and pain and had the confidence to live each day in a truly satisfying purposeful way?

  • Perhaps you’d never get overwhelmed by situations.
  • Perhaps you’d move to a different part of the state, country, or another place in the world.
  • Maybe you would take a chance on a project you’ve been meaning to start: garden, book, travel, painting, music, new language.
  • Maybe it’s time to get the courage to LEAVE. Leave the negative environment, the abuse, the job that has you feeling unappreciated.
  • Perhaps you are ready to do something for YOU, instead of for everyone else AND experience an amazing adventure still to come in your life.

Take a moment to think about this, because my students, clients and I created massive changes, and you’ll begin to experience the same possibility.

I’m referring to Affirmation.

This is the access point to create transformation in your life – a seed of something big. If you still feel there is a “barrier” that’s okay. Really, it’s not your fault. It’s just that you haven’t had someone support you and show you EXACTLY WHAT STEPS TO TAKE to begin creating big changes in your life – someone to take you by the hand and walk you into your own experience of true personal power.

How do I know this for sure?

My Personal Predicament

You see, ever since I can remember, I didn’t fit in …  I attended all my classes (never played hooky). I respected authority positions.   I chose to study, paint or practice instead of drinking and partying. I didn’t have much street-wise knowledge. I have been admired and respected throughout my life but not particularly popular.

I grew up in a small community.  Both my parents were music teachers as well as 2 siblings.  I chose to go a slightly different direction and study art education. The disciplines of art and music are actually quite different, yet both require ongoing practice for improvement.  There was a time when I was so insecure about my music abilities that I would only practice my instrument when everyone was out of the house.  I was in my mid 30s before I was comfortable and confident while performing.

When I taught art, I had the privilege of working with age 4 – 80 year old students.   Apparently, my students were so satisfied that several remained with me for over 10 years. In fact, one art student studied with me for 14 years!  It became obvious that my role was more than a teacher – but rather, that of a MENTOR.

No matter what size group I scheduled, each student felt comfortable to share personal information of their struggles.  They anticipated that their study of art would somehow transform them in a manner more than simply learning the skill of drawing.

“OK, Marti, but how will you be able to transform ME?

Well, everybody’s experience is different, and yet, I can feel what you may be experiencing.   You see, just a few years ago, I was living in a small community in Pennsylvania with my businesses in tact. I was at the prime of my career – private art school, music performances, gallery, picture books, composing music and recording cds. I operated a pottery and ceramic decorating studio as well as a music website. Even a coffeehouse was added to my list of responsibilities. I was re-building after the investment of the coffeehouse during the 2008 recession and plugging away to return to a six-figure income once again.   Next, guest rooms were added to my work responsibility. Finally, a tea room. Whew, that’s overwhelming!

Not even a year had passed since my kind, thoughtful, generous father died unexpectedly. It was then that I was stopped abruptly right at the prime of my longstanding creative career. After 22 years of encouraging a spouse, supporting his mother, brother, siblings, nieces/nephews – he barked harshly – “Get a job!”  – What?!?!   I had at least 7 jobs . . . I worked 80 – 92 hours weeks . . . I built a six-figure income business and made more than sufficient funds to support and maintain my company, employees – and myself.

My workplace was entered late one evening and very hateful bizarre comments were spewed at me. I was in shock.  The behaviors were so strange that I became frightened. One week later, I KNEW, in a second, “This will never end!” I said to myself “NO More.” The mean temper that occurred every few years, the hateful words aimed at me, were now daily occurrences.   Soon there were threats, stalking, and harassment.

“Get a job”, turned into “Marti’s going to have to get a job” – to – “I told her she’d have to get a job.”   That was HIS plan – to destroy my glorious career – unless I agreed to his convoluted tenant terms. I declined. My websites were sabotaged followed by broken doors, locks, locks, and more locks. I had created the most inviting, magnificent, creative community “safe house” for everyone – everyone, but – ME.

Fast forward:

Over the years, I had been preoccupied with being the best possible at everything; being on time or ahead of time, and trying to please everyone. What I missed and didn’t recognize is that the person who once claimed to love me, the person I trusted with my head, heart AND financeshad his own plans.

Apparently, I wasn’t part of those plans – except for the money that was surreptitiously extracted from me for over a decade.

The night I ran out the back door with an employee, I knew my “safe place” was now, not safe for any of us!

There was no other choice, but to evacuate. I was forced to abruptly move away. I left no notice to all the people I served.
Can you imagine what it was like to nurture, teach, inspire generations of students for decades – and ONE angry, jealous, person decided to destroy the joy of all my intertwined creative businesses?

How I prevailed 

Though my personal power was pummeled, the assistance of a “creative coach,” helped me work through the trauma.   Weekly scheduled sessions helped  to erase the mental darts that left poison in my head.   My coach gave me courage to move into the next level of my life.

During the time since my evacuation, I developed two eCommerce businesses: eCygnet and Hello My Goodbuys and one service businesses: Woodwind Medic.

Yet, there was still something missing.

I felt an incredible yearning to help others break though their horror – and/or – leave the imaginary box that keeps us captive.

At this point . . .

I decided to use my skills and experiences to unlock the door to freedom and guide people to the outside – a place of infinite possibilities.

Now here I am today as a Creative Coach

You are invited to discover your inner masterpiece, find your purpose, let your soul sing of success.

What can you expect from the Creative Coach program?

  • You’ll get clarity of your priorities and purpose
  • You’ll make choices about what will stay – what will go
  • You’ll discover ways to handle circumstances that emerge daily
  • You’ll learn to say NO to things, activities, behaviors that don’t resonate for you
  • You’ll say YES to create a new direction
  • You’ll gain courage to accomplish what you start
  • You will receive a simple to follow process – step-by-step guide that assists you on your amazing life journey to wholeness.

“Umm, I’m not sure I’m ready,” you say.

The biggest challenge you will ever make is the courage to say “Goodbye” to your former ways of thinking and doing.

Imagine the confidence there is in understanding that you are as unique as a snowflake, as vital as your heartbeat, and one-of-a-kind as your fingerprint.

I’m not suggesting you should quit your day job and move to a remote island, build a tent from fallen tree branches, and drink mango juice to cleanse your body while meditating for several hours a day.  NOPE – You can start right where you are. You ARE enough — just as you are.

We will work together to create a shift to the “new you.”

I know, you’re probably wondering “Is this going to take tons of effort?”

When you become aware and awaken new thinking patterns, you will begin an adventure more than work.

It’s TIME to make a DECISION

Respond to the statements:

I want to learn about  _____________________________

I want to begin ____________________________________

I notice _________________________________________

I want to have time and space and safety to create ___________________

Regular Price $1997

Click for the special price  and enroll today!


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